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NEWS : Communiqué in response to defamatory press releases on the web

Updated : 30/05/2014

Formal denial in response to the publication, in different sites, of an article and a petition titled "Stop Mistreating Haitian Farmers" and involving the Company Astier Demarest

On May 26, 2014, the company Astier Demarest noted the publication, on various websites, of false defamatory information accusing them of abuse towards Vetiver farmers in Haiti and of unethical behavior.

The Company Astier Demarest brings a formal denial to the article and to the petition that have been published on these sites and requires that them to be removed immediately.

Based in Grasse since 1880, the Company Astier Demarest is the representative in Europe, since 1986, of Haitian firm Agri-Supply Co SA, having as its industrial and agricultural business leader Pierre Léger. Astier Demarest role is essentially to guarantee exchange links and partnerships bonds between the supplier Agri-Supply Co S.A and the business sector of perfumery and aromatherapy.

Astier Demarest, company attested ESR by Ecocert for the vetiver essential oil Haiti, is neither a buyer nor an importer of roots of Vetiver from Haiti, and therefore has no direct exchange with any Vetiver farmers' cooperatives. Its operations are limited to the supplier, in this case the company Agri-Supply Co SA, which is also a certified fair trade company, audited annually by Ecocert, an international monitoring and certification entity.

This petition circulating on the web and claiming an unknown source who claims to be the spokesperson for a group of farmers, relies on totally false data and could not in any way destroy the credibility and reputation of Astier Demarest Company which has always promoted and supported responsible production methods and fair projects.

Besides, it is the constant concern of dealing with companies that share the same values and the same vision of sustainable and equitable development that led Astier Demarest in doing business for so many years already with its supplier Agri-Supply Co S.A.

Agri-Supply has always proved to implement responsible practices towards Vetiver farmers, ensuring fair remuneration, helping them to form cooperatives to become the sole traceable Vetiver plant, certified fair trade. Cooperatives providers of Vetiver roots to Agri-Supply Co S.A, with more than 500 members each, are also audited annually by Ecocert International.

Astier Demarest requires that the authors of this boycott campaign on the net retract and put an end to this "smear campaign" which has no basis. Astier Demarest reserves the right to bring to justice the authors of these articles and petitions as well as the websites that published them.

It then invites the general public to remain vigilant and critical of this type of publications that have the sole purpose of tarnishing the efforts and significant achievements of a flourishing industry.

Président du Directoire