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NEWS : Vetiver oil Haïti : market report

Updated : 21/05/2013

The production is affected by a decrease of the roots yield in oil, due to the rains of May

For 2013, we foresee a total quantity of 45 tons, similar to 2012. According to us, the decrease compared to 2011 (55 tons) is resulting from a lower demand, the Vetiver oil as well as the derivatives (Vetiverol and Vetiveryl Acetate) being used in fine fragrances.

However, Agri Supply, partner of Astier Demarest, has produced and exported more than 30 tons of vetiver oil, in 2012 as in 2011, and the vetiver oil sold by this company is exclusively distilled by its own factory.
For the first year in 2012, 3 tons have been certified Organic and Fair Trade Vetiver oil by ECOCERT. Our production of Vetiver oil Haïti Fairtrade for 2013 will be 8 tons.

During the cyclonic season 2012, the Vetiver area of production has been on the way of both tropical storms Isaac (August 24, 2012) and particularly Sandy (October 23-24, 2012). However, neither the factory of Agri Supply nor the Vetiver plantations have been damaged. Fortunately, at that time of the year, most of the Vetiver roots are more than 6 months old and consequently they are well fixed in the soil. On the contrary, the food crops have been very much damaged by the heavy rains (corn, peas, fruits) and therefore, the Vetiver roots have been the only income of the farmers during last months.

The present crop started at the beginning of December. From the climatic point of view, we have exactly neutral La Niña-El Niño conditions. Until the end of March, the weather has been dry and consequently the yield of the roots in oil improved compared to December and January. This resulted in a lower production cost and a cheaper price of the Vetiver oil compared to the beginning of the year.
However, because of the rains in May, there is now a decrease of the roots yield in oil.

On the other hand, the fuel oil price, which is the first cost of the Vetiver oil, decreased in Haïti at the beginning of the year, but increased once again after the death of the Venezuelan president Chavez. In fact, the preferential conditions of petroleum supply given by Chavez to Haïti in the Petrocaribe alliance could be revised by Venezuela, what pushed upwards the fuel oil price in the domestic market.
For these reasons, though the availability of the roots in the fields is good, because of the lower yield of the roots and the higher price of fuel oil, the price of the Vetiver oil is increasing.

Unfortunately, we observe that the situation of the country does not improve much compared to the previous years. Three years after the earthquake of January 12th 2010, the region of Port au Prince is far from a full recovery. Comparatively, the population of the Vetiver area around Les Cayes, 200 km south-western of Port au Prince, is living much better thanks to the production of Vetiver roots.